We provide leading edge services which extend to injury and disability management, treatment, OHS and Workers Compensation consultation to business, training, medico-legal expert opinion, and keynote presentations.

Our treatment interventions are goal directed, incorporating best practise research and technology, to generate functional gains for our clients.
We provide evidence based assessments and innovative thinking to  facilitate  injury prevention, recovery, and maximise function. 
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We are now able to assess anywhere across Australia, at any time, with our complex evidence based protocol.

The telehealth assessment platform uses a  2 stage protocol, which allows scheduled appointments to proceed with minimal interruption, whilst still providing accurate clinical assessment data for formulation of opinion.

Clinical testing is facilitated by trained allied health professionals, either within the home or within a clinical setting, with Sanja assessing via AVL Zoom link.


  • Expert and client travel costs are dramatically reduced;
  • Higher client reach due to fewer location and travel barriers;
  • Improved efficiency in assessment times;
  • Improved allocation of physical resources for clinical assessment;
  • Clinical assessments are undertaken within the client’s accessible community by a local health care provider, under specialist guidance and supervision;
  • Clients are more relaxed and comfortable, allowing for better performance in clinical testing;
  • Two eyes are better than one – clinical assessment with an EP / Therapy Aid ensures a further layer of cross validation of clinical observations and results interpretation.

Your vision is our vision. Like you, we want to protect your employees and prevent economic loss resulting from workplace injury.